Monday, July 4, 2011

Back To School

Day 1 back to school work. Officially quit full-time work, and am on campus trying to get into the groove of things. Most of what I can think of is Zzzzzzzzz....., *yawn yawn yawn*, school is bbboooorrriiiinnnngggg!!!!....

Okay, maybe not those per se, but it seems a bit of a struggle getting back into study-mode.

The Lord is my strength.

God-willing, I shall make amazing headway with this dissertation by month-end. AMEN!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Every day's a Good Day

Sunrise. Sunset. Breathe in. Breathe out. Eat. Work. Sleep.

It's ever so easy to get lost in the monotony of things. Maybe it's just me, being stuck in a room all day fighting schoolwork, but I'm wondering yet again - is this what I really want to do?

**Here's hoping my educational benefactor does not know what a blog is. Much less read any**

I can't help thinking the conventional 9 - 5 may not necessarily be what I want to commit myself to, but really what is the alternative and how do I get started on that? Anyone know of any how-to book titled along the lines of "Starting A Career Up From Something You Love But Are Not So Passionate About That It Keeps You Up At Night"? If yes, please direct me accordingly.

When I started writing this, I was slipping ever so gently into a down-cycle. Some prayer, less company and a pot of yoghurt (PLUS gym time, egusi, and 6 hrs later), I am much buoyed. So much so, in fact, that I'm contemplating watching Glee and calling it a night. [See 'The Rejuvenative Powers Of Sleep'. ;) ]

Another day, another dollar. Thank You Father for Your mercies. And just incase you missed it (amid all my plenty arbitrary ramblings), the moral of today's story is that funks - like diet start-ups, will come and go. The important thing is that you look back to your motivation and purpose, and recharge.
So do I know what I'm going to do with my life, and how I'm going to get to the "Start Line"? Absolutely not. But what I have remembered is that I'm not randomly living from moment to moment. I have a purpose. And I believe that working with that in line will have everything else fall in place in good time.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 1 Ending

Its south of 10 degrees outside, and yes, I'm not used to this weather. All I want to do is curl up under something snugglish, and heat up. But that only works when its 'cold' out, and not freezing. What a to do??? Enter the Onesy!

These aren't just made for the Maggie Simpsons of the world, AND come in biped fittings as well! White people certainly know how to make themselves comfortable. So here I sit, loving my cow print fleece onesy, complete with pink under-hooves. God bless Primark!
I can now officially lie down on the leather sofa without having to wrap myself up in a 15 Tog duvet and tube socks.

I must confess, I have to take back my previous declarations that the Sunshine this side of the world is all demo. Its actually still very warm in the sunlight (where it does shine) but the winds are ever sooo chilly. And boy, is it windy here. So I live on a steady diet of hot fruit infusions, hot chocolate, and cravings for spicy food. Throw in 3hours straight of Fraiser, combined with the toasty indoors et voila, I'm a couch potato in the making. No exercise whatsoever for more than a week and plenty eating. Hmmm... I need to get back into my daily walks. And the gym is sooo out of the way.


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hair blogs seem to be all over the place these days. Or it seems to have come to my attention of recent.
Ok, I've only looked at like 3 (or 2.5. The technology required to get into the first was rather plenty, considering its supposed to be just a journal).

Keep It Simple Sista has gone nuclear. The site even generates revenue from posted ads. Good for her. And her hair too. I have to admit, at first sight, the tailbone-length hair had me drifting off to shades of green. But when I really thought about it, that length will be serious work to wash, dry, comb, style, not-sit-on, etc. I will most def pass on that.

Next was My African HairBlog, by lil' Sewanee. Firstly dear, calling it "African" encourages non-africans to keep on thinking of Africa as a country, not a continent. Secondly, your LGA & genes contributed greatly to your overall hair result, but yes, you did cover the basics. N200 salons are cheaply-wrapped death traps that will kill your hair. Even the more expensive ones will not rinse out relaxer completely, will be too eager to rinse out the conditioner after 5 secs so they can get over and done with you, comb your hair with a large combination of passive viciousness & a lack of interest, have no idea how to actually flat iron hair and make it turn out nice, much less have any idea of anti-heat treatments, the point of trimming, the difference between a trim and a cut, and such.

Had a look at Hairlicious as well. She's been around for a bit too and I picked up quite a bit from her - from what to look out for in hair products, to hair handling tips, to what not to do. Visions of fantastically healthy hair motivated to go out and buy, buy, buy! Fortunately, financial restrictions soon brought me down to earth, but I'm started on my wish list already. I must say though, I draw the line at washing my hair 3 times a week. I can understand that all that product build-up will gunkify your hair, but really, that's like some 2-3hour regimen thrice weekly. I'll start small.

So now I'm keeping heat treatment (via tongs, straightners and driers) to the barest possible minimum. What did strike me the most was moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. And that makes sense cos your hair is less likely to break if its elastic and moist, and less likely to get out of control if you keep it under wraps to some extent.

I remember from M&Bs I used to read way back that the guys always loved the smell of the girls' shampoo on their hair, and I used to think this was utter bollocks. By the time your conditioner goes in, it masks out the smell of the shampoo, and by the time your hair products go in, they cover up the smell of the conditioner, so what on earth were they on about? In the past couple of weeks tho, I've learnt that the average caucasian (and naturally straight, long-haired female) does not actually use a conditioner (and so there's no fragrance-masking), and that it's people with chemically-treated hair who actually NEED to condition: that goes for relaxed, blown-out, dyed or hot-combed hair. Why do I go on about this? I'm in love with Aussie 'Moist'. It has this ... lovely coconuty smell that actually sticks after washing (when I'm not deep conditioning, but using only leave-ins). I like it so much, I've been after Xandra to start using my products as well.

I'm aspiring to FULL, Shoulder Blade-length hair. Lets see how it goes.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Joshua Wants to Read My Blog

I don't think I've ever felt so "compelled" to write, even as I draw up blank, staring at my monitor for what is going on 40 mins now. (Ok, I've been much distracted by what I actually ought to be doing, which is work. & making snack runs for heavily preggers Mrs. Boss).

Did anyone (not) watch the Nigeria-Greece match yesterday?? Was I truly the only one who thought the perfect round-up to a good laugh would be ice-cream??? If there is one thing we do not lack in this country, its our ability to hope even under the most adverse of conditions (the disappointed faces here after the match could have been carved in granite). And that's not a bad thing. In fact, I think the only thing we have which can compete with the collective Nigerian Hope is our ability to continually swallow the the utter bollocks dished out by our leaders, with no regard whatsoever that they're pissing on us in broad daylight sans the decency of lying to us that its rain.

Did I mention I'm officially in like again?
**cue eyeroll**
Yes, I know, I know.
I really don't know how to build up to this so I'll just say it.

I have a boyfriend.
I rather like saying that. Or thinking it. It's especially funny that no one believes it when I first say it. In fact, I think I'll write it again.

I have a boyfriend.
I'll try not to wear this one out.
Initial reactions so far are varied: Crimson fair screamed her head off, Fifi had goggled eyes (which isn't quite abnormal), and O'Weezay jumped up a jig while repeating "Thank you, Jesus". I'd have shared her euphoria if she didn't have her arm around my neck in a gridlock.... But honestly, you guys have been heckling me on getting a man-friend for ages - why is it so surprising that I did? (Because I went and did it all on my own...?)
Fine, I'll admit it wasn't all on my own. Actually it was mostly on his own. There was barely any initiative on my part, and I was very comfortable being old-fashioned and letting the boy do the work. I didn't suffer him or anything. Just invited him to sit through a Bollywood movie with me. In the theatre. For that alone, I knew he was at least interested in me somewhat. Or he's a closet Indie-film watcher. Besides, it's not really work is it, if you're enjoying yourself... is it?

So he makes me smile/laugh (+50), he's Christian, dwarfs me even in heels, and seems clear on what he wants with me. Just when I was beginning to think that my short list of wants was unrealistic, it turns out I'm not defective goods incapable of liking a guy. I think I was beginning to wonder about that.
Too bad his leave ended and he had to get back to Lagos (yes, the proverbial K-leg). Who'd have thought that after all my hot air on the long distance thing, I'd jump smack into it. But hey, Lagos is just down there, as opposed to UK and Nigeria. Hmm....

So in recap,
i) My e-pal asked me out, and now I'm his girlfriend. :">
ii) I dare say I rather like this one.
iii) He kissed me. Now kissing and telling, quite frankly, is gross, but this brova can snog for Nigeria.


***I'm strongly contemplating putting up a placard at my desk which reads "Do Not Flirt With Front Desk. We Are Not Here To Help You Pass Time. Read A Mag or Window Shop. Thank You***

Gads. I could do with a nap just about now. Alas, I've 4 more hours to go till closing. Joy. A silver lining could be more time on my hands to scheme on sneaky ways to snooze....

Monday, May 24, 2010


My soul will praise the King of Heaven,

I will lay my tribute at His feet,

For He has ransomed, healed, restored and forgiven me,

Who shall sing his praises but me?

Praise the everlasting King!

Like a father, He takes care of us,

He knows too well our human frailties,

He holds us gently in His arms,

And shelters us from all hurts,

Praise Him, for widely do His mercies flow.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shylock Knew Why He Was The Way He Was

At this point in my life, I reckon that the most uncomfortable situation I've found myself in is owing people for extended periods of time. What could be more embarrassing than having to avoid someone repeatedly, or continually give what can only be perceived as excuse after excuse, for why you have not paid up by the time you promised you would? Which is why I would rather have next to no money for myself and pay off any outstandings - even if its a tiny bit at a time.

As life would have it, no man is an island. Therefore, people will ALWAYS be there to throw a wrench in your works and ruin your plans. Put you in awkard situations and make you seem a dodgy and dishonest person. The way I see it, this will go beyond the present, and affect your credit records, because the next time some situation comes up, no one will be willing to part with anything on your behalf. As embarrassing as having to owe a person for ages, is the vexation, annoyance and extreme inconvenience of having someone/people owe you money for extended periods of time with no seeming plans of paying you back.

The result of this equation? An strong disinclination to assist anyone monetarily beyond what you are comfortable with letting go altogether. But what is one to do in a situation where what you can let go is not actually going to do anything for their cause? Doing that is just to ease your conscience, and really, all you're doing is getting the person off your back.

My possible solution? Involve God from the get-go and pray that it all works out evenly in the end. Hoping of course that the end is sooner rather than later.
And thus, I find myself waiting outside someone's house, going on an hour-and-a-half, waiting to return money.

God is great.